Big Two medical journals not interested in sharing lifesaving warning on EPI auto injectors

We submitted our warning to three journal:  New England Journal of Medicine,

Journal of American Medicine Assoc [jama]

and Wilderness&Environmental Medicine -  who is the only one who found it important to warn folks of the problem of identical  injectors with different drugs.

The only comment I got from the other two was they felt we should just tell the fda and drug company but not their readers. Guess I am naive as I  respected and expected to much of the big names they are.

Emergency EPI Extraction

Coming soon on this web site will be videos of 

in an Emergency how to get Extra EPI doses

out of an auto injector.

To see these cutting edge demonstrations we are anticipating you will have to register on this site and read the warning and disclaimer and agree to it to be allowed access.

We are adding many things to this sight so check back !

Carl and the team ;-)

EPI Autoinjector Deadly Warning

We suspect most of your readers are familiar with the EPIPEN.  Its black needle tip and grey safety cap has been a standard for almost 40 years. In the fall of 2010, the EPIPEN colors were changed: the black needle end became orange and the grey safety cap became blue.  Other changes were made to the EPIPEN autoinjector that might not be readily apparent to all providers or users, especially in the excitement of a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Primatine Mist

December 14, 2011
Primatine Mist-- more -- the manufacturing company [Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]
is suggesting to stock up before Dec 31 as they say it will be until later in 2012 before the
replacement product comes out. It will have a different propellant than CFS but the EPI is
supposed to be the same quantity and strength.

Case Study wasp and bee stings

--Put my hand on a wasp today and press down before I realized. Hurt ice right away and for 30 minutes.
mean while took 2 ibuprofen. and tried sawyer extractor. To small a hole and amount to draw anything
out plus the lines in my palm not conducive to suction. Then read on the net. WOW what a bunch of
misinformation. 1st Wasps don’t leave behind a stinger!! top 5 sights said remove stinger. Only bees
leave a stinger. 2nd all those sites said acetaminophen- wrong again as it does not reduce swelling as

More on EPI - Primitine Mist

More on EPI - Primitine Mist [spray NOT pills] sold over the counter is pure epi but
takes a minimum of 15 inhalations to equal a necessary adult dose of 0.3mg.
Those inhalations must be perfect as into the esophagus is not as effective as
in the lungs. Remember to use EPI in any form for others, other than yourself
you need a written physicians orders or protocol.


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