POME History

In 1998, POME developed a school Evaluation criteria which was upgraded over the years to assist students in wisely choosing quality wilderness medicine schools. The evaluation criteria was created by surveys sent to all known wilderness medicine schools in 1997 and by holding public meetings at two annual WMS conventions. The Guild is made up of schools who joined together to assist all wilderness medicine students. The Guild members all exceed the bulk of those original and updated criteria. The group is now made up of long time established schools with the youngest having been formed in 1998. These schools have a history of and the oldest in 1967 working together cooperatively for the good of all students, some since the early 1990s, and the newest since 2006. The old criteria list is again being reviewed so it is not currently published. The Guild has advancement of Wilderness Medicine Education and assistance to the Wilderness Medicine student as their primary goal. Since Anaphylaxis is a concern today in front and back country the closed Anaphylaxis educators page was given a hosting space here which seems appropriate as Epi delivery is a function of all POME members. The emergency epi videos seem too valuable to be lost. The hope is that POME members will support this knowledge placement.