Case Study wasp and bee stings

--Put my hand on a wasp today and press down before I realized. Hurt ice right away and for 30 minutes.
mean while took 2 ibuprofen. and tried sawyer extractor. To small a hole and amount to draw anything
out plus the lines in my palm not conducive to suction. Then read on the net. WOW what a bunch of
misinformation. 1st Wasps don’t leave behind a stinger!! top 5 sights said remove stinger. Only bees
leave a stinger. 2nd all those sites said acetaminophen- wrong again as it does not reduce swelling as
it is NOT a NSAID. Benadryl is ok but makes me and most sleepy, so no thanks. none said get epi ready
as this could go anaphylactic - I have it but don’t expect to use it. Itching occurred 12 hours later [a little
This showed IGE reaction of blast and mast cells involved. Within 24 hrs later felt poorly. 36 hrs started
showing signs of flu exposure from 30 days prior. 4 days later flue developing strongly . 8 days started
antibiotic amoxicilin.10 days switched to Biaxin and started genamician for pink eye like symptoms
which was also exposed to now 40 days prior. Pneumonia was present by this time with low pulse ox of
87. Started albuterol treatment pulse ox up to 93. After 6 coughing, sleepless, drainage, feeling weak
days on Biaxin started steady improvement. Hypothesis; wasp sting reaction lowered immune system
and flu and pink eye which had been held at bay now attacked. Happy to report mostly all better. avoid
wasps. So what could I have done after the wasp sting? Or YOU with your or your patients next episode-
-the answer---- Claritin Vs. Benedryl -----PICK and take the Claritin!!! Loratadine is the ingredient and is a
2nd generation antihistamine -- Important for 2 reasons 1- wont make you sleepy, so you can function-
self evacuate etc. 2-it actually stops some of the harmful process as it prevents the release of histamine.
The internet drug sites show drossy difference between Claritin and Zertec as around 5%. Zertec drug
company sites refer to Zertec as faster acting 1 vs 3 hrs. possible depends on the patient but both
combined with an H2 blocker such as Zantac are a better way to go IF one has them as some believe
there is a synergistic histamine reduction action yet unproven in double blind studies.

Lesson watch even at home where you put your hand.

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Wasp sting

Have you heard of this happening to others . I believe this has happen to me after wasp sting one week ago Pink eye, drainage, sore throat, ear infection, head ache and uncontrollable cough.