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WMO publishes new video on Anaphylaxsis and Epinephrine

Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) has now published a new video course on Anaphylaxsis and epinephrine treatment.

It is part of a three level education intended to meet the needs of those meeting state level requirements on the topic.

Read more about WMO Anaphylaxsis and Epinephrine here (link).

Auvi‑Q ? EVZIO?

As of January 2016 the future of Auvi-Q is still uncertain. Auvi-Q website refers to voluntary recall of 2015 and mentions possible re-introduction of device. Device has also been dispensed with Narcan. On April 3, 2014
FDA Approves Kaleo’s EVZIO™ for the Emergency Treatment of Opioid Overdose with naloxone. The status of this is currenty unknown. You will note that the EPI and Naloxone divices are identical just words and colors being different. Might this lead to dangerous confusion??


Auto injector back on the market!

Keeping up with "who's on first" in the epinephrine auto injector world takes some effort! Just this week I talked to Dave Perry of Lincoln Medical in England [UK]

Dave informed me that the withdrawal of their autoinjector was voluntary and that the voluntary withdrawal has ended with Anapen now being available again in UK and much of Europe. Anapen is listed as available in 36 countries.

Signs and Symptoms - Anaphylaxis

Today I was asked by a bright physician who I respect at a conferance in Canada about signs and symptoms as some of his associates were not sure what was and was not a sy sx. As a futher note he knew, they did not -- So here is our best most current information

Common to rare signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis with notes.
Generally accepted that if any two are present, your patient is anaphylactic.


Auto injectors in Europe

Anapen has been in use in Europe for over 10 years yet today it is off the market due to possibility of mechinical potential delievery issues.

It may be resolved and back or not. Anapen is the only auto injector that has a stronger dose approved of 0.5mg.

Handy allergy Free phrase sheet!

Visit the following  UK site and down load handy phrase sheet in several languages

that let you communicate your allergies in Spanish, French, Thai, German,

This useful information comes from a UK competitor to Epipen that has been available

since Sept 2011. It comes in child and adult dose sizes of 0.15 and 0.2

It is an epipen round old style clone with needle self sheathing black cover
comes in new epipen style orange color flip top case, - has same old style safety cap but color is yellow


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