Wilderness Medicine Outfitters

Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) first class was taught at Colorado State University in 1967 where Carl Weil was trained as a First Aid Instructor and Athletic Trainer who studied graduate nutrition and Veterinary medicine. His courses reflected his veterinary courses as well as actual western ranch medical care given to animals and injured cowboys ranging from knife and ax wounds to gunshots.  WMO went off grid to full solar electrical powered on its 130 acre conservation easement campus in 1984. It has a mature staff with most instructors over 50 years old. WMO has the largest number of Instructors who are fellows of the Academy of Wideness Medicine of any school several times its size.  WMO is a pioneer in distance learning and blended Wilderness Medicine classes since 2005. WMO offers cadaver based Wilderness Advanced Life Support classes also since 2005 taught by 8 to 11 specialty renowned instructors over 5 days in the spring in Denver area. WMO teaches mostly in the Mountain West but has done standard length and 2 to 3 day blended learning classes in 43 states and 6 countries.  WMO classes are often taught by the first Wilderness Medicine Masters degreed instructor as well as several Instructors who are fellows of the Academy of Wideness Medicine. WMO is known for a senior experienced highly trained staff. WMO is the first Wilderness Medicine School to be both a State of Colorado and NREMT WFR training site.

WMO offers 
1. Introduction to Wilderness First Aid 8 hrs in person
2. Wilderness First Aid 16rs in person
3. Wilderness First Aid 24 hrs in person
4. Wilderness First Aid, blended 16 hrs on line and 4 or 8 hrs in person
5. Advanced Wilderness First Aid 40hrs in person
6. Advanced Wilderness First Aid 40hrs 24 hrs on line. Plus 2.5 days in person
7. Advanced Wilderness First Aid 48hrs distance learning with homework, photos, instructor review and tests every 4 hrs
8. Wilderness First Responder / WEMT Module,  76 hrs in person
9. Wilderness First Responder / WEMT Module, blended 24 hrs on line + 48 hrs in person
10. Wilderness Advanced Life Support, 44hrs in person including cadaver lab
11. Wilderness Skill Instructors class 8 hrs
12. Wilderness Medicine Instructors class  24 hrs on line and 24 hrs in person

WFA16 & WFA24 hr are not recertifiable as they are basic and must be taken over
AWFA may be recertified with a WFA16 and testing [only WMO students]

WFR students may be recertified in many ways with a minimum of 24 hrs and testing
       [ both WMO students and those from POME full member schools non-WMO students must purchase WMO books]
       [ non POME students are considered on an individual basis]